Types of Treatments

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (SanoMSC or MSC) IV (intravenous):

  • MSC may help repair the matrix (connective tissue) of the body and promote new blood vessels (angiogenesis).
  • MSC have powerful anti-inflammatory actions, and may be helpful in multiple conditions.
  • MSC may be effective as preventive therapies by repairing and regenerating tissues prior to developing symptoms even.

Neural Stem Cells (SanoNSC or NSC) IT (intrathecal):

  • NSC may be helpful in patients with variety of neurological conditions including brain, spinal cord or nerve injury or diseases.
  • Complex diseases or damage will need multiple courses of treatments.   

Dual MSC IV and NSC IT:

  • Dual therapy with MSC and NSC is more effective for complex neurological diseases to repair and regenerate brain, spinal cord and nerve tissue.

Local Treatment with MSC:

  • MSC injected directly in joints, ligaments, tendons may be effective in repairing or regenerating tissue.
  • MSC may be injected in burns, wounds, damaged skin and tissues to speed up repair.
  • MSC may be injected in wrinkles, photo aging skin to improve appearance.
  • MSC may be injected in scalp to support and regenerate hair loss.