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“Restoring Lives with Stem Cells”

SanoStem Global, LLC (SanoGlobal) and its subsidiary SanoStem India Private Ltd. (SanoStem) have exclusive distribution and manufacturing license from Stemedica Cell Technologies, Inc. (Stemedica) for all its cell products to conduct clinical trials and promote stem cells therapies in India, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Nepal. 

Stemedica is a cGMP-compliant, government-licensed, global biotechnology company leader in stem cells and regenerative medicine, that manufactures and distributes allogeneic (donor) adult stem cells and stem cell-derived products. Their mission is to develop and manufacture best-in-class ischemic-tolerant (hypoxic) allogeneic stem cells that support preclinical & clinical studies conducted by approved research institutions and accredited hospitals.

SanoStem believes Stemedica’s stem cells are unique and unparalleled in efficacy and safety.  Sano means “to heal” (in Latin), and “fit, hale, hearty, sane, wholesome” (in Spanish). SanoStem’s mission is to heal and make wholesome as many lives as possible globally.