COVID-19-related Lung Disease & ARDS

June 2020: As the world starts to loosen restrictions from COVID-19 pandemic, there is more news of worsening cases in India and many parts of the world. This coronavirus, for which humans have no inherent immunity is here to stay. This extremely contagious virus has already devastated the health and lives of millions of people and eventually may affect billions of people globally. The vaccine is still at least 6-12 months away with no assurance that it will work, and of course no way to vaccinate all the people of the world.

We have to build our immunity to protect us while we wait either for the vaccine or for herd immunity to develop (when over 60% of the world population has been exposed and recovers from the infection). There are many things we can do to boost our individual immune system:

  • Cut out sugar and reduce carbohydrates, which all turns to sugar.
  • Drink lot of water.
  • Optimize weight, stress and exercise.
  • Take several vitamins, minerals, herbs daily. There are 5 basic ones and over 10 additional ones that can make us almost “bullet-proof” from any infection, virus or bacterial.
  • Consider intravenous Vitamin C (IVC) periodically to supercharge our White Blood Cells (WBC) especially Neutrophils and Macrophages, which are our 1st line of defense. Vitamin C can concentrate up to 8,000 times higher in WBC that blood. IVC can boost up immunity better than any other nutrient.
  • SanoStem is pleased to announce that it will soon have a Super Immune Booster Weekly Pack available.