Thousands of patients have been treated with Ischemic-Tolerant Mesenchymal Stem Cells (itMSC), and few hundred with Ischemic-Tolerant Neural Stem Cells (itNSC) in several government approved clinical trials, Emergency & Expanded Use INDs, and outside of clinical trials in USA, Mexico, Kazakhstan, China, Russia and other countries internationally.

Results have been positive for multiple conditions, with consistently NO serious side effects. No transfusion or rejection reactions have been observed. The stem cells work like universal donors and there is no need for dose reduction.

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May 2015: Son of Gordie Howe, the ferocious right-winger for the Detroit Red Wings writes: 
You will all be happy to know Mr. Hockey is RALLYING big time. Each day talking more, walking further, and w greater balance and confidence. He’s settled in to his new home at my house. He’s back to sweeping and passing the hockey ball back and forth.
The difference from a week ago is remarkable. I am confident now that he will be able to attend our daughter’s wedding in August up north. Another blessing compliments of those indomitable little stem cells.

On a related note, my digits are now pain free. They still look like gorilla fingers but they may remodel with PT. more than happy w the response to date. As an added bonus I’m now running 7 minute miles, about 30 seconds faster than baseline. I was disappointed that the treatment did not make me better looking, or empower me with spontaneous Kung Fu skills or even ninja skills! Maybe I need a second dose for that.

Many thanks to the Howe McGuigan team for everything!

Peace, love, praise the Lord, and Carpe Diem!
From Murray Howe MD